Personnel Management, Sociology and Psychology Department

Economics, specialization - Human Resources and Labor Economics

The list of subjects of the curriculum, area of expertise "Economics and Business", specialty "Personnel Management and Labor Economics"

HR specialists are able to:
• develop the basic outlines of the strategy and policy of personnel management in the organization;
• perform professional selection of personnel (form requirements for candidates to search, carry out structured interviews with candidates for vacant positions);
• organize induction programs for professional and social adaptation of new employees;
• develop plans for staff development to prove the feasibility of using various forms and methods and organize training to improve the competitiveness of the personnel;
• create a reserve for substitution of vacant positions of department heads, organize professional training  to perform duties in leadership positions;
• draw up plans and programs for career development for promising experts;
• develop and organize the evaluation procedure of the staff;
• carry out motivational monitoring, design severance packages, develop Staff Loyalty programs and increase staff motivation;
• develop corporate standards and rules of conduct, to design events for the formation and development of corporate culture;
• design programs for formation of social responsibility;
• develop corporate documents that form the internal regulatory framework of HR: codes, regulations, rules, instructions, etc;
• use contemporary information technologies in personnel management,and others.

Graduates of the Master's program "Human Resource Management" successfully implement their careers as professionals and managers in HR services, departments of personnel development, labor and wages (motivation) enterprises, organizations and institutions, recruiting agencies, training, outsourcing and consulting companies.
Highly qualified Masters in the specialty "Personnel Management" work successfully in public administration in the field of industrial relations of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Department of Labor and Social Protection of regional administrations, the State employment service centers, Career counseling centres, Social Insurance Fund, Pension fund, local government bodies; in research institutions and universities, etc.

Last redaction: 07.12.16