Faculty of Personnel Management, Sociology and Psychology

Department of Socioeconomics and Personnel Management

History of department is motion to the professional growth of its graduating students due to experience and trade of staff composition; it is heavy cognition and awareness of permanent changes in the multidimensional, unstable world of labour; it is a system capture of art of personnel management; it is a permanent search and introduction of innovations in the difficult process of adjusting of social-labour relations.

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History of department is thousands of specialists, geared-up to work in the different spheres of economy of Ukraine and other countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America; it is a pleiad of scientists in the field of economics labour, social-labour relations, management of personnel; it is authoritative teachers-professionals which develop domestic higher economic school.

Modern Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department is one of lead among family departments in Ukraine. It is the powerful center of educational, methodical and scientific work, active participant of innovative activity of enterprises. Department inculcates constantly new technologies of educational process, develops actual educational courses on the basis of long-term traditions and innovative approach to the teaching, supports permanent connections with various institutions, enterprises and business-environment.

Especially actual is preparation of competent specialists in the field of personnel management and labour economics in the period of forming of new economy. It is accompanied with growth of meaningfulness of human capital as a strategic resource, and the competitiveness of enterprises depends on quality and flexibility of human capitals, which requires a strategic resource effective management by them.

Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department hasgot the modern name in 2007 year after 50 years of numerous transformations  and  became an original answer for the permanent calls of socio-economic development of country.

The first manager of department of Labour Economics and Material and Technical Supply (1965–1966) was an associate professor A. Pastukhov. In a year the department of scientific organization of management and labour became independence. In next time development of department was carried out under the direction of O. M. Bobrov (1966–1975), V. P. Makhnarilov (1975–1985), V. M. Petyukh (in 1985), S. I. Trilevich (1985–1988), V. I. Chernov (in 1988), honoured worker of education of Ukraine V. M. Danyuk (1988–2003).

Since 2003 years Head of Personnel Management and Labour Economics Department is A. M. Kolot, ScD in Economics, Professor, Vice rector in Charge of Research and Academic Affairs, honoured worker of science of Ukraine.

  • Lopushniak Halyna Stepanivna
    Nationality: Ukrainian. Born January 30, 1970 in Rudnyky,. In 1991 graduated from Lviv Agricultural Institute (now Lviv National Agrarian University - LNAU). Specialty –accounting in...
    Kytsak Taras Hryhorovych
    Graduated from Economics Faculty of Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko with a Master’s degree in accounting and audit. In 2009...

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